Christian Siriano’s Fall 09 Collection

20 02 2009

Last night, Project Runway season 4 winner Christian Siriano debuted his Fall 2009 collection, his third showing under the Bryant Park tents. Siriano explained that his inspiration for this collection was Egyptian elegance and royalty. View some of my faves below:


He’s always been a fantastic creator of structured coats and jackets, and this one is no exception. I wish I could see all the detail on the dress underneath. It looks both decadent and wearable.

12This is an excellent example (of several) of his eye for color. He takes a typical Fall palette and tweaks it to flawlessly integrate to evoke the sands and heat of Egypt. Love the pants and the sleeves.

17I really like the fit of this. Not too boring and not too flashy. Love the sharp angles and splash of color.

24A signature look, but not simply recycled. The metallic hints of gold really make the dress.

25Another Siriano signature: a sudden jolt of color to spice up an otherwise predictable palette. The details are both exciting and subtly romantic. Would have loved to see this move.

26Christian chose the perfect model to wear this dress. The skin tone makes this dress’ subtle taupe hue pop boldly.

271I love every bit of this. I’m so glad Sessilee Gomez wore it. The fabric texture really encapsulates Siriano’s vision.

See the rest of the collection here.

Overall, the collection was interesting, diverse, and technically astounding. I know that there were more impressive runs from time-honored favorites, but Siriano keeps my pop-culture-focused interest. I’m always excited to see what he creates and how creatively he’ll execute a vision. Last season’s rainstorm-inspired collection was so tactile and effective.

What do you think? Am I far too pedestrian to state an accurate opinion on Siriano’s latest collection? What did you fashion-forward folks think of it? I’m really curious, because I’m definitely not gonna sit here and act like the authority on haute couture. I judge my opinions based on how cool I think it looks.


Arbitrary and Unnecessary Cycle 11 Superlatives, Judgments

26 11 2008

Best Tyra finale wardrobe in the history of ANTM

Worst contestant finale wardrobe in the history of ANTM

Most Ambivalence about the finalists from Tyra in the history of ANTM
America's Next Top Model

Most Creatively Incongruent Mr. Jay-directed runway in the history of ANTM


Most generous imaging of Whitney in the history of her presence in ANTM


Most horrendously staged “candid” product placement in the history of ANTM (and, therefore, all of television)


Best collective reactions ever captured in a single frame…in the history of ANTM


Much credit to the incomparable Rich at fourfour for the totally brill caps. Speaking of Rich, since this meh cycle is officially over, I’ve decided it’s high time my three go-to recap blogs/sites (fourfour, TWOP, and receive a proper evaluation. It’s all…after the jump!

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Jerell’s Prophecy…unfulfilled.

13 10 2008

Unfortch, while his snappy cut at Kenley makes a kicky tune, the hot mess of bridal wear he created deservedly sent him home. Listen and remember.
At Da Teyents!