Cheers To You, Jeremy Davies

13 02 2009

I’ve been watching every episode of LOST like it’s my job, and I have an important announcement to make. Never before has an actor on this indomitable television show ever encapsulated the intoxicating bewilderment in one expression quite like the great Jeremy Davies did in this week’s episode:


Seriously: SO perfect. I’ve never felt more catharsis for my delightful confusion then when I witnessed this subtle and perfectly sustained face contortion. This ALONE should garner him all the Emmys of ever.

(Thanks to Best Week Ever for the screencap)




3 responses

20 02 2009

Are you serious?
That’s the expression he uses all – the – time.
Don’t get me wrong – I love him, I really do.
But as the episodes go by, I am starting to get slightly annoyed by the fact that 90% he looks just like this!
He lowers his voice and does the puppy face.
Right now he’s getting very one-note.
I hope this changes.

And if anyone on the show should get an Emmy already, I think it should go to Ben

3 03 2009

I agree with whomever said he should get an award. I love Jeremy Davies, he is an exellant top of the line actor who needs and deserves an award for his talent!
He can express a huge range of emotion even before he stars to talk just by the way he uses his eyes. And his puppy dog faces, espically the one when charlotte dies, makes me cry every time i watch it, he is so cute!

25 04 2009
Jeremy Davies

Don’t get me wrong, I mean I’d love an Emmy, and I’m sure Ben will have plenty by the time he dies (oops…), but honestly, we all know who really deserves an award for her spot on the show, don’t we? DON’T WE?!

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