Twilight Impressions

18 11 2008

I’ve not read a single line of the Twilight series, and unlike my aggressive aversion to the over-hyped Dave Matthews Band, I’m totally drinking the Stephanie Meyer Kool-Aid and becoming increasingly eager to catch the film when it comes out November 21st. With that said, I’ve been watching the interviews of Robert Pattinson (who I already favored because he’s played a Hufflepuff) and Taylor Lautner on and I have some completely unnecessary judgments to make of them.

Taylor Lautner (aka Sharkboy and Wolfteen):

Click his face to watch his interview. My initial (and therefore, completely accurate) impression of him is he’s that guy who’s friendly and fun to be around, but God love him, is more dense than a Redwood. His redemptive quality, however, is that he seems to be aware of it. And if it’s cool with him, it’s cool with me. I’m also fully aware that the grounds for the above claims are strongly based on his horse teeth. It surely doesn’t make him look smarter.

Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen/Man-dusa):

Click anywhere BUT that frightening coif to see his EW interview. Lautner’s easy to read, what with him being all “aw, shucks, I love the movie, I love the director, I love my were-hair, teehee.” But there is something refreshing about Pattinson’s watered-down, media- and fangirl-friendly pseudocynicism. Throughout the interview Mr. Rasta Beanie (the poor guy’s forced to keep his hair long and unkempt to maintain his Edward-ness) fidgets through the questions with measured self-deprecation. Coming off of fame from another wildly popular book series, Pattinson seems pretty acutely aware of Twilight’s superficiality, which I love. Unlike his squeaky-clean boyhunk counterpart Zac Efron, who his so completely aware of his sparkle-toothed charm and endorses the High School Musical franchise like it’s the solution to our country’s economic problems, you can tell Pattinson only sees this as a gateway to actually meaningful work (i.e. the upcoming Dali biopic in which he stars).

So yeah, Robert Pattinson’s charmed me into being interested in the film even more than I already was. And I’ll give Taylor a few more chances to alter my initial impression of him. But seriously: am I wrong?




12 responses

26 11 2008

jacob Black is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 12 2008

OMG!!! Jacob Black , is my fav character evvvverrr!and i think that Taylor suits him really really well! i lovee Jacob Black so much! hands off he is so mine!

17 12 2008
Deyaneira Nichole

Robert Pattison is the HOTTEST vampire EVER!!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

22 12 2008

Edward!!!!!!!!!!!! he is my favorite character!!! i like Jacob Black but he told on Bella in the 2nd book!!! and Bella and Jacob can’t see each other becuz of the treaty!!!! :’-((

22 12 2008

there replacing taylor for steven strait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 12 2008

Taylor Lautner- Jacob Black and edward are the hottest!!!!

23 12 2008

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love tayler i just wish i could have some contact he is so hot i almost know every thing about him but im not crazy but i do love him and i am a girl okay well i love him and i hope he sees this and i wish he would contact me somehow

24 12 2008

WOW !!!¡¡¡ twilight es lo mejor
para mi crepusculo no es una obsecion…. es mi realidad alterna!!!! TE AMO EDWARD CULLEN

2 01 2009
Mrs. Lautner

Omg Taylor lautner is amazing and they’re gona recast him if they do that I won’t watch new moon he’s the leading roll in new moon they need to keep him!!!!!!! 🙂 I love taylor but I love rob too!!!! 🙂

3 01 2009

To give you a (late) response that’s not just fangirl squeeing… no you’re not wrong. I’m not entirely sure about Taylor because, to be honest, I’ve not seen much of him as I’m not that interested in Jacob’s character, so, Taylor? cute enough kid, but that’s about all there is to it, I would imagine.

But Rob…. yes. Although, I think I’d call it the fans superficiality rather than Twilight itself… all those screaming teenage girls are a dead giveaway. However, more than being a gateway, it could easily backfire: if the series continues to be successfuyl, hollywood is always going to want him as the pretty boy and be too afraid to cast him in a anymore meaningful roles for fear of scaring the teenies… in which case he’d be far better off sticking to independents.

Originally I was a little worried about him starring in Twilight; casting him seemed a bit off the wall. However, in retrospect, he brings an awful lot of depth to the role, and to the film, than an ordinary Hollywood heart throb would never have been able to do.

18 01 2009

I agree. I do hope he doesn’t fall apart from all of the fame for playing as Jacob like Rob did playing Edward…He seems like a nice guy and the idea of that changing due to the media and obessive fan girls is scary.

19 01 2009
angel galvez

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