Two Choices: Whatever You Like

31 10 2008

T.I., coming fresh off his machine-gun indictments, has been flying high off the success of his newest album Paper Trail as well as the near simultaneous chart-toppers Live Your Life and Whatever You Like. Famous parodist and self-deprecating Caucasian Weird Al Yankovic is also enjoying moderate success with his take of T.I.’s Economically-dismissive Whatever You Like, turning lyrics like “I’d gas up the jet for you tonight/ and baby you can have whatever you like” into bargain-friendly suggestions, such as “Take you out for dinner, anywhere that you please/Like Burger King or Mickey Ds.” While I’ve never been a die-hard fan of Yankovic’s, his lyrics have always made me chuckle, and the uber-topical nature of this newest single is more relevant to me than his previous hit, the painfully over-done “I’m-white-and-therefore-can-never-be-urban” take on “Ridin’ Dirty.” (Yankovic boasts that “Whatever You Like” is the first parody he’s created while the original single was still on the billboard charts). Both singles are hits in their own right, which leaves me with two very different directions:

How do you prefer to view the economy?

1) T.I.’s way. There’s something delightfully escapist about wining and dining your true love (which I’m sure this woman is to T.I. He’s such a hopeless romantic…right?), throwing caution to the wind, and, dare I say it, wholeheartedly “Liv(ing) You Life.” I know, I know. So PunNasty.
2) Weird Al’s way. However, maybe we need to jokingly call attention to our wastefulness. I know that Yankovic didn’t intend for his version to necessarily be a diatribe against Patron-sippin, but his hyperbolic contrast makes one realize the horrific financial state that this country is in. Perhaps it’s best to recognize it, make certain lifestyle changes for the bettering of the economy, but still have a sense of humor about it.

So, what do you think? Hit up the vids below for more in-depth research.

Aside: If it wasn’t for T.I.’s staggering confidence, there’s no way anyone could find him attractive. I have never seen anyone who looks more like a rat. Don’t get me wrong, I love T.I.’s music. I’m simply relaying facts.




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