Two Choices: New Beyonce Videos

16 10 2008

Yes, that’s right. Videos. How else would B roll? Especially after making videos for almost every track on her previous B’day album, it seems only natural that Beyonce’s everywhere you turn, comin’ at you from a ballad and a beat-ridden hit. Also, after reading this tidbit from Entertainment Weekly, the bi-polar video decision reflects her new two-disc release. However, the similar monochromatic style of both her new videos has got me wondering:

Are Beyonce’s new videos:
1. Indicative of a classic, urban noir aesthetic that represents her new album?
2. Indicative of our failing economy? Girlfriend’s gotta pay bills too, y’know.

Check out the videos below and decide for yourself.

Single Ladies

If I were a Boy




One response

23 12 2008
Another Sasha/B Showdown. And the Winner Is… « Pop Kernels

[…] Anyway, the last time B released two videos from her latest album, ‘Single Ladies’ clearly came out on top. The thing became a YouTube, Bonnie Hunt, SNL, and AMA phenomenon, while ‘If I Were a Boy’ simply confused people (read: me) with its shifting perspective and bored others (read: me again) with its blase whininess. […]

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